Je vrienden en kennissen kunnen nu een winterlidmaatschap aangaan.

Winter membership


Voor Nederlands: NederlandseVlag

  • The winter membership is valid from November 1st until February 28th 2021.
  • The membership fee for the try out membership is € 45,- for a senior (17 years and older) and € 25,- for a junior (16 years and younger).
  • Winter members get a temporary KNLTB card and can make a reservation for a court just as regular members can. This card needs to be picked up at our membership administration with a 25 euro deposit (cash payment only).
  • As a winter member you can 2x request a tennis or padel clinic at [email protected] A clinic is being organised in small groups. It takes one hour and is given by an experienced player.
  • If needed we can provide a free loan-tennis-racket (€ 10,- deposit). Padel rackets and padel balls are available at the padel courts.

Comment membership fee:

For the try out membership a membership fee as stated above is applicable. This membership fee will be collected through direct debit.

For the one-off extra discount on a purchase at our club sponsor AKWI SPORT, we have to communicate your name to them. Indicate in the form below at the appropriate question whether you agree with this. If you do not agree, you cannot receive the extra discount. (You still keep your regular discount by showing your membership card.)

Application form

If you want to become a member of TV Bokt fill out below form as completely as possible
and then click "Submit application".

Personal details

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Supplementary details

In addition we like to ask you some optional questions.

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Do you have tennis experience?
Are (were) you a member of a Dutch tennis club?
If yes, KNLTB license number
Dutch singles rating (If applicable)
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Publication personal details

We normally publish personal details (name, address, phone, e-mail, rating) in a membershiplist on the members-only part of our website.

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Communicate name to club sponsor

Because of a discount for new members at our club sponsor, we ask your permission to communicate only your name to our club sponsor.

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Sending Confirmation

If you want to recieve a confirmation of your entry, then you must enter the e-mailaddress where the confirmation should be sent to below.

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