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Try out membership

Voor Nederlands: NederlandseVlag

  • The try out membership is valid from June 1st until September 29th 2020.
  • The membership fee for the try out membership is € 45,- for a senior (17 years and older) and € 25,- for a junior (16 years and younger).
  • Try out members are also a (temporary) member of the knltb and can make a reservation for a court just as regular members can.
  • You get 1 free trial lesson on the introduction day. You can choose between padel or tennis. (Announce yourself first)
  • You have the opportunity to get a profitable introduction lesson package: 4 lessons for € 56,- (padel) or € 45,- (tennis).
  • If needed we can provide a free loan-tennis-racket (€ 10,- surety) and a set of used balls.
  • You get vouchers to participate for free in the tournaments organized by the Recreation Sub-committee during your membership. These vouchers are personal and non-transferable.
  • The try out membership can afterwards be converted into a regular membership with all the associated benefits and obligations.

Also check the conditions on our offer for a regular membership, what works best for you?

To get a try out membership the following two things are important:

1) Photo and direct-debit authorization
You need to download an authorization form (direct-debit authorization), fill it out, print it and together with a recent clear photo, send it to (can be done digitally):
Membership administration TV Bokt

2) Fill out application-form below
Fill out the form as completely as possible, then click on "Submit application".

Comment membership fee:
For the try out membership a membership fee as stated above is applicable. This membership fee will be collected through direct-debit.

For the one-off extra discount on a purchase at our club sponsor AKWI SPORT, we have to communicate your name to them. Indicate in the form below at the appropriate question whether you agree with this. If you do not agree, you cannot receive the extra discount. (You still keep your regular discount by showing your membership card.)


If you want to become a member of TV BOKT fill out below form as completely as possible
and then click "Submit application".

Attention: Without photo and direct-debit authorization no application! Send these as soon as possible.

Personal details

Please enter your personal data. (* mandatory entries)

Family name *
First name *
Male / Female *
Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy) *
Address *
Postal code *
Residence *
Phone *
Cell phone

Supplementary details

In addition we like to ask you some optional questions.

How did you know about TV Bokt? *
Do you have tennis experience?
Are (were) you a member of a Dutch tennis club?
If yes, KNLTB license number
Dutch singles rating (If applicable)
Dutch doubles rating (If applicable)
Dutch padel rating (if applicable)
Want to use borrowed tennis racket (10,- surety) *

Publication personal details

We normally publish personal details (name, address, phone, e-mail, rating) in a membershiplist on the members-only part of our website.

Agree to the publishing of personal details

Communicate name to club sponsor

Because of a discount for new members at our club sponsor, we ask your permission to communicate only your name to our club sponsor.

Agree to communication of name to club sponsor *

Sending Confirmation

If you want to recieve a confirmation of your entry, then you must enter the e-mailaddress where the confirmation should be sent to below.

E-mail voor verzendbevestiging *
Bes Member Admin