Bokt del Sol
Leuk toernooi voor thuisblijvers. 17 t/m 22 augustus. Schrijf in, Doe mee. ...

Offer for new members

Voor Nederlands: NederlandseVlag

• This offer starts on January 1, 2020 and ends on September 30, 2020. The latest date for 'desired start of membership' is October 1, 2020.

• The offer only applies if you have not been a member of TV Bokt in the last 2 years (2018 and/or 2019).

• You receive a one-off discount of 50% on the membership fee for the following year (2021).

• You get 1 free trial lesson on the introduction day. You can choose between padel or tennis. The trial lessons are given twice a year during introduction days. (Announce yourself first)

• You have the opportunity to get a profitable introduction lesson package: 4 lessons for € 56,- (padel) or € 45,- (tennis).

• If you purchase a tennis lesson package of 20 lessons within 12 months of starting your membership, you will receive a one-off discount of 25% on this.

• You get vouchers to participate for free in the tournaments organized by the Recreation Sub-committee for the first 12 months after starting your membership. These vouchers are personal and non-transferable.

• You can cancel your membership after 3 months, as long as the new membership-fee-year has not  started. The costs are then 3/12 of the annual membership fee.

• You also get a nice discount on your purchases at our club sponsor AKWI SPORT.

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Bokt del Sol
Een gezellig recreatietoernooi voor thuisblijvers in de vakantieperiode.
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TV Bokt Fietstocht
Een evenement met een hoog gezelligheidsgehalte en misschien een beetje zadelpijn.
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