De banen liggen nu klaar. Vanaf 11 mei kunnen we aan de slag?

Tennis club Bokt

General Information about TV Bokt, please click here

The club
TV Bokt is a tennis club for recreational and competitive tennis and padel players whose members are eligible to play KNLTB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Lawn Tennis Bond) matches. (Dutch tennis association)

Recreational players can enjoy informal tennis, internal (club members only) tournaments (usually one-day tournaments) and internal competitions. For competitive players, there is league competition with other clubs and there are open tournaments. You can take part in all game forms: ladies’ singles, men’s singles, ladies’ doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles. All levels of tennis are played starting from beginners (rating 9) to advanced players (rating 4) according to the Dutch rating system.

The club counts about 550 senior and 110 junior members at this time. 

The tennis accommodation is located at Anconalaan 1, 5633 BJ, in the northeast end of Eindhoven, in the direction of Son and Breugel.

There are 10 all-weather synthetic grass courts available, complete with flood-lights on all courts. Tennis can be enjoyed outdoors at TV Bokt throughout the year. As of March 2020 we have two Padel courts. All members can enjoy this fast growing sport.

There is a clubhouse, called the “Sjapoo”, with café facilities. Opening times are limited to mornings and evenings except on special occasions such as tournaments and league competitions.

The courts and toilet and shower facilities are open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Tennis and/or Padel lessons are available for all members at reasonable rates.

To apply for lessons, you must be a member of the club.

Tennis training is divided into two seasons with lessons starting in April and in November.
Padel lessons are available throughout the year in 6 weeks courses.

If you need any information pertaining to the possibilities of training and costs of the lessons please contact: Marcel Groenendijk, tel. 06-51420486 or send a mail to

Cancelling your tennis and/or Padel lessons does not automatically cancel your membership.

Membership rates are year based. Joining TV Bokt is possible throughout the year and the fee will be charged pro ratio. Membership will automatically be extended each year and is obliged for a complete year.

In addition senior members are obliged to do bar service twice a year.

Membership fees are non-refundable should you cancel your membership before the end of the year. If you wish to cancel your membership please contact the Membership Administration before December 1st of the present year. You will not be charged for the following year. 


Membership fee 2020


Age on 31st December 2019

Annual Fee


 Senior A

 25 years or older

€ 188,-


 Senior B

 17 to 24 years

€ 133,-


 Junior A

 13 to 16 years

€ 112,-


 Junior B

 9 to 12 years

€ 91,-


 Junior C

 8 years or younger

€ 70,-












Apply for membership using this entry-form »

You also need to download, fill out, print and sign an authorization form for direct-debit.

All family members, for whom you pay the membership fee, can be added to the same authorization form.

Together with the authorization form, you are required to send a recent and clear passport photo (name and date of birth on the reverse side) by post, or digital (JPEG, no less than 300x400px), to the address below.


Membership Administration
Bokt 7,
5633 BG  Eindhoven
Tel.: 040 - 256 6899


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